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Our Story

EP Behavior Consulting was created in 2009 to address the increasing need for bilingual ABA services in Sonoma County and neighboring counties. EP Behavior Consulting has been rapidly expanding. We are currently working with school districts, regional center, private and MediCal funded insurances, individuals and families. EP Behavior Consulting is looking for reliable and motivated individuals to join its team; we are looking for people who feel they can make a positive social change in the community they live in. Minimum requirements to join the EP Behavior Consulting team are a Bachelor Degree, and knowldge of Spanish at a conversational level. We will train you in ABA if you do not have previous experience.

Meet Our Team


Elena Parolini, M.A., BCBA


Logan Loveland, ABA Supervisor

Logan Loveland


Tesheima White, M.S., BCBA, Clinical Director

Tesheima White, M.S., BCBA

Clinical Director

Soran Bristol, ABA Clinical Supervisor

Soran Bristol

ABA Clinical Supervisor


Jace Chabot

Office Manager

Monica Pena, Assistant Office Manager

Monica Pena

Assistant Office Manager

Ester Elbert, RBT and Lead Therapist

Ester Elbert

Mid Level Supervisor

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